Alright, I’ll be honest – this isn’t really a new band by any means, but I recently wrote about the band Hunger, who I saw supporting ATC, so I decided that I might as well write a recap of their performance as well.

The band consists of three members – Will Ferri on drums, Daniel Gow on guitar and Chrissy Costanza on vocals, but they also play live with two live musicians – another guitar and a bass.

The performance mainly consisted of songs off of their newest album – In Our Bones – which debuted in 2016, and is the reason that they’re on this tour, so for any older fans like myself there wasn’t much old content, but that was to be expected, and in the VIP session I know they did play a few older songs.

Chrissy Costanza is known for moving around a lot on stage, which she definitely did, and also interacting with the bands fans, and this was clear while the band performed – as she would constantly be holding fan’s hands or making eye contact and pointing at them. The small things make a big difference in the eyes of the audience, and she definitely performed. As for Will Ferri on the kit at the back of the stage, he stayed relatively focused and left most of the performance aspects to his front of stage counterparts. Not a bad note, just something I had noticed. Dan Gow came across as the shy guitarist, but he moved around to the music and interacted with the front few rows successfully which was nice to see.

One thing to note about Against The Current is that their performance’s sound quality definitely delivers. The band almost sound as if they’re just miming over a recording of the recorded song – if not for the showmanship and improvisation of front woman Chrissy, but this has a lot to do with the genre of the music – as a computer obviously had to be used to get the full effect of the song – filling in the backing audio, which fills the room amazingly.

A major part to bring up about the performance was the speech – executed perfectly by Costanza, before the song ‘In Our Bones’ – the namesake of the album and the tour. In these brief few minutes she talks about the meaning of the term ‘In Our Bones’ and how it reflects how they feel about music, how it’s in their bones, and then they encourage the audience to go out and follow something which they feel passionate about. For an audience which mainly consisted of teenagers and young adults (as well as a variety of other people), this was an important speech to have, because any chance of inspiring the next generation is a chance to take. The words she spoke brought a tear to my eye, and many others in the room as she talked about what she loved doing – thanking the audience profusely for giving this band the chance to live their dreams.

A nice touch, which really complimented the evening perfectly.

Thank you.





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