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Look, I know I said I’d talk about new bands, but I also want to pay attention to some oldies who I still love.

I saw All Time Low last night, along with Waterparks and SWMRS (probably going to write about these two bands as well), and I just wanted to tell anybody who’ll listen about the night. It was amazing.

They kicked it off with Kicking & Screaming, and you could tell that these four boys were born to perform. Jack Barakat (guitar and backing vocals) quickly established himself an area to move around and perform in – occasionally jumping in little bunny hops to the rhythm of the music. Alex Gaskarth (lead vocals and guitar) leant over the crowd, and referred to a lot of individuals in the sea of people – making them feel special, and letting the crowd know that he was watching, and he did care. Zachary Merrick (bass and backing vocals) was a little more reserved, but that’s all part of his charming character, and even for a shy person he managed to perform well – moving to the music and participating with the crowd. Let’s not forget Rian Dawson (drums – a personal hero of mine), who beat those drums well into submission – all while keeping in time, accenting the conversation which was being had, urging the rest of the band into playing the next song, and generally just being amazing.

They are all such talented people, and I’ll definitely be buying a ticket to see them again.

A few songs in, the band took a quick break to talk to the crowd, which is where the famous friendship of Alex and Jack comes into play – making the audience feel almost like they’re watching a comedy show. At this point, Jack decides that he doesn’t feel like he has enough room to dance in, in which Alex responds by calling him ‘Cage Boy’ (a nickname I’ll continue to use until the day I die). Don’t panic though, he soon establishes a larger area to dance in, and we love him all the more for it.

I can’t write this whole post without mentioning Alex’s solo songs in the middle of the larger band orientated set. Lot’s of bands play through their sets in one lineup of people/instruments, which is okay, but it’s nothing special. All Time Low don’t do this. Towards the middle-end of their set the band flood off stage, leaving Alex alone with his guitar, where he proceeds to play fan favourite Therapy. This is a beautiful song, which is really accented by the emotion in Gaskarth’s voice, and you can really tell how much this means to the people in the audience as well – with various people in the crowd screaming their hearts out – not only as fans, but as  people who this song has helped. It holds a lot of meaning and packs a powerful punch.

The band come in at certain points of the next song – Missing You, off of their last album Future Hearts. And soon after a few more songs from this album, they then play Dirty Laundry – currently the only song off of their new album – Last Young Renegade. It’s looking to be one hell of a follow-up album to the success which was Future Hearts.

Do you ever feel like you aren’t special when you watch a band? That the crowd they’re playing in front of tonight is practically the same as the one they played to last night?

Wasn’t the case.

Towards the very end, Gaskarth stops and says something along the lines of ‘can we take you guys with us on the rest of the tour?’, because of the energy which this crowd had during the whole of their set. Obviously, we all agree, even though we know it’s not possible – crowd participation and all.

Here’s my little special part.

At this point, Barakat tells us all that he’s staying here – he doesn’t want to leave, and that the band are going to have to find a replacement, but he has a few conditions. The first is that they must have good hair – and then he proceeds to point at little old me, and say ‘you have cool hair, you’re in’.

I joined All Time Low last night guys.

So yeah, they were great. They played old songs like Six Feet Under The Stars in their set as well, which somehow blended with their current sounds and some of their heavier songs as well. In some ways it was a weird mix of their songs, but they played their favourites as well as fan favourites, and kept most people happy.

My favourite was Take Cover. Flawless.

Thanks for reading.



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